Saturday, July 12, 2014


Dedicated to my friend/colleague Josh White, who is fighting his war against Cancer. I wish him a speedy recovery.

In the early hours of dawn,
when only a few were awake,
a plantlet was carving its ways
to catch the bit of scanty rays. 

The night past was dark,
'n the veil of ignorance stark,
when nothing was conscious,
and nothing had any spark.

But before the rays could reach,
the dark clouds covered the sky.
The wind blew with all its might,
the rain poured across the sight.

It lost a few leaves, a few buds,
but stoood firm against the cope, 
for the rays that it was hoping for
were indeed the rays of hope.

The clouds, the wind and the rain,
it suffered with calm all the strain,
and holding its roots it stood,
persevering through again 'n again. 

And now it blooms and fruits,
its existence speaks of its passion,
to have faith 'n determination,
'coz it's all only in the perception. 

Overcoming all the hardships,
traversing through the hard rocks,
may we welcome our rebirth,
accepting all the toils with mirth.

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